5 top Reasons to Visit North Cascades


The  North Cascades is famous  for it spectacular and crggy peaks, rugged mountains, stunning lakes, the dense lively forest and breathtaking scenery all around. Nothing match the thrill of taking a bike or car and disappearing into the wilderness of the mighty cascades. Here are  5 top reasons why everyone should visit North Cascades.

Pure Wilderness

Around 400 miles of mountain range and meadow trails await  hikers in pristine natural panoramas. With sure sightings of rare bald eagles, deer, salmon, elk and other wildlife, hiking in North Cascades is a totally of its kind experience.

Majestic Glaciers

The North Cascades has several hundred moving ice masses. The glaciers in the region accounts for more than half of the glaciers in the United States. The crystal clear snowy glaciers will live their imprint on your memory forever.

Splendid Flora

A bright palette of varied colours of flowers blanket the hillsides in midsummer. In October the flower  colors paint the landscape of North Cascades  in vibrant autumn hues. A lot of flower festivals held throughout the year in different towns but summer is the best time to attend these festivals.

Thrilling Boat Rides

There are many well-known and also hidden lakes and rivers in North Cascades. Lake Chelan, Ross Lake, and the Stehekin River are the good places  for kayaking, boating, white-water rafting, and ferry trips. The majestic Skagit river is a great place for bird watching. 

19th- Century History

North Cascades has a mesmerising history. You would love to delve into the state’s farming, lumber, and logging pasts in clapboard towns and homesteads around the park. Towns like Newhalem, Concrete, Sedro-Woolly and Bellingham have a rich history. Numerous tourist sites, museums etc. bear testimony to the facts. 

It is indeed regrettable that a region like North Cascades has been one of the least visited places in America despite unmatchable natural beauty and hoary past. The less number of visitors more than anything else was due to disadvantageous location of the region. 


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