Have Dam Good Chicken Dinner and Visits Ladder Creek Falls By Night


The small town of Newhalem stands with a lively past.  Once this quiet town hosted hundreds of tourists who dined joyfully and danced under the stars. Visitors had dinner at Gorge Inn and then had a stroll through Ladder Creek Gardens.  They marveled at the “wonders of electricity” , which illuminated the falls and provided an electrifying ambience. 

Seattle City Light, the North Cascades Institute and  the National Park Service and the North Cascades Institute have come together to once again provide this entrapping experience to have dam good chicken dinner and visits Ladder Creek Falls by night

The event will start at the newly-renovated Gorge Inn, located in “downtown” Newhalem. First you will get an opportunity to soak your test bud with  the famous “Dam Good Chicken Dinner,” a proud Skagit tradition now updated and available only for these events. If you are Vegetarians you  have the options of choosing a veggie lasagna. The delicious dinner also includes a tasty salad, mouth-watering side dishes, delicious dessert and a beverage to wrap up.

After dinner, the organiser will  present  a slideshow and will deliver a talk on the cultural history of Newhalem, Seattle City Light and the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project. At 8:45 pm, you will be taken for a stroll along the Skagit River to Ladder Creek Gardens. National Park Service ranger will accompany the visitors. It is a great opportunity to grab your flashlight and join the ranger on the short trail to Ladder Creek Falls.

As the evening descends majestically, you will get to see 3 sets of rushing falls, each illuminated by multi-colored lights that change every minute. You will love to take a step back in time with the  historic light show inspires and entertains.

Please not that The Ladder Creek Falls by Night event part of the tour involves walking of approximately  1 mile over rough, uneven & unpaved ground, and climbing/descending several staircases. We are sad to inform you that Ladder Creek Falls is not wheelchair accessible.

And the surprise is here! The visit to Ladder Creek Falls by night along walking tours are totally free. However, you are required to reserve the dinner by pre-paying. The detail is coming soon. The dates have been tentatively fixed on every Thursdays and Fridays between June, 29 to September 1, 2017. 

So get ready to have damn good chicken dinner and visit Ladder Creek Falls by night.

For more information, call (360) 854-2589 or email skagittours.reservations@ncascades.org.

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