Huge slide closes North Cascades Highway: 40 Students Temporarily Stuck


A huge snow slide has closed state Route 20 near Newhalem. As a result the North Cascades Highway aka State Route 20 is closed for visitors in both the directions.  There are around  40 students from Henry M. Jackson High School in Everett who had gone for 3 days field trip to the North Cascades Institute and are now temporarily stuck at eight miles east of the slide.

The snow pack across the highway is 20-30 feet deep in areas, and the Department of Transportation estimates that the road will not be accessible until Monday afternoon. The institute has plenty of food, electricity and accommodations for the students and staff for the entire weekend. They are also preparing meaningful extended learning activities for the students during the rest of their stay.

Principal of the school Dave Peters said in a message to parents.

The students have gone as a part of an advanced placement  in environmental science program. They were in the North Cascades to study the water shed.

Joey Kasanders, one of the students, said

We heard it was going to snow, but we didn’t know it was going to snow this bad,

he added in an interview with KOMO News Radio.

It seems the students are enjoy the temporary nature blockade. Many of these pupils have been posting images and comments on Facebook and Instagram. Many of these pictures  depict a beautiful winter scene, making snow angels and a big “thumbs up” showing they’re having a gala time there.

The situation being examined. The WSDOT tweeted that State Route is closed east of Newhalem/milepost 123 due to landslide and there will be no reopening. It is certainly a bad news for adventure seekers and bird watchers. There are many festivals still going on in the region. Many tourists are like to stuck in the area. 

The area is still unstable and situation will be reaccessed on Tuesday only. Meanwhile stuck students have been well taken care of by the local authority. 


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