North Cascades Place Spotlight 5: Gorge Creek Falls


The North Cascades has many delights and Gorge Creek Falls is one of them. The falls is very near to Newhalem, just two miles off from the highway road on east. The visit is a total package, consisting of hiking a small trail, a dam, a river (Skagit), two waterfalls to be seen, two overlooks, and finally, believe or not, an aqua-blue lake. This is the reason the place is one of the most visited places in North Cascades National Park Complex.

Gorge Creek Falls

Gorge Creek Falls is one of the few developed waterfalls in North Cascades area. The fall water flows down the side of the gorge, the upper portion at such an angle that the view is somewhat obscured. There is another small waterfall just east  of the Gorge Creek bridge that slopes down in thin stream over the highway, and drops again in gorge downstream of the bridge. The Gorge lake nearby is created by Skagit river.

What on Offer?

As said before, George Creek Falls is a total package for visitors. Unfortunately, you cannot view all from one place. You have to explore the area. Right standing on the bridge off the road you can have somewhat obscure view of the falls, the dam, and the river. But if you take the hike across the trail, you can see more and have clearer view of the place.

There are two overlooks to view the falls. To have best view of the fall walk over the bridge on north side east of the parking lot. There is another small waterfall nearby after you cross the bridge. Coming over the bridge on south side you can see the small but beautiful  Lake Gorge. It is advisable to explore both sides of the roads.

Facilities and Amenities

Gorge Creek Falls has descent facilities for visitors. It has a parking lot with ample space, rest rooms with toilets, picnic tables and an well maintained trail. The place is an ideal place for photo ops as the location is such that it ensures it receive little sunlight. No wonder it is one of the most photographed falls in North Cascades.


There was a flash flood back in 2003. It altered the course of water flows. The Gorge Creek Falls has thin stream of water due to this reason. In summer the stream runs dry. This is further excebrated by plenty of plan life around that blocks a full view of the falls. Nevertheless, George Creek Falls is a must view site.


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