Place Spotlight 3: Diablo Lake Overlook


Diablo Lake Overlook

Diablo Lake Overlook is a must stop place if you are driving on North Cascades Highway. Diablo lake and dam are kind of nature’s marvel and you will find yourself soaked in their enchanting beauty. The place  is just few miles from Newhalem. There are plenty of trails, picnic spots and camping facilities in and around.

What on Offer?

The Diablo lake’s water turquoise  in colour due to geological phenomena and there are many glacial peaks and mountains surround the lake as if they are protecting this hidden gem. The Diablo Lake Overlook is an wonderful opportunity to relax your limbs if you have driven too much non-stop. The beauty of the place is such that soon you would indulge  yourself in photo ops. The Diablo dam though situated some distance off from the overlook yet it is visible from the overlook. If you have time you should go and see the gigantic check dam.

On site facilities available. There is a big parking lot and plenty of bathrooms. At least one park ranger is available during the whole day for info about sites and guidance. There is an interpretive centre, where programs are held on daily basis during the summer season.

There are plenty of trails and camping facilities in and around. Many visitors spend night near the Diablo Lake Overlook itself. The popular Thunder Knob Trail is just nearby the lake. There are also few waterfalls around the place. if you are a nature lover, consider spending a day or two in the place. The Newhalem Campground has lodging facilities. Otherwise, you can camp anywhere. You just have to obtain camping permit in advance.

Advice for Visitors to Diablo Lake Overlook

We would advice you to hike few trails nearby instead of just stopping at overlook for few minutes. The Diablo Lake Overlook does not provide of few view of the beauty of the lake nor amazing places in and around. Your little effort gives you chance to view some parts of fascinating Ross Lake. So, hike some trails and see the real beauty of the place. Trust me, the trails are easy to hike. A 2 hours stop is enough but an overnight stay is better  to take a piece of paradise in your memory forever.


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