Places to Visit in Newhalem


Lifeline of Newhalem

Newhalem has a lot of tourist attraction in and around. The Skagit General Store, which caters to the small populace of town, is opened in 1992. It has acquired a legendary status. The store is now well-stocked with merchandise and goods to cater to the local population as well as visitors.


“Old Number Six” – the steam engine

Just near the Skagit General Store is the iconic restored Baldwin locomotive steam engine. Before construction  of the North Cascades highway, the steam engine used to ferry workers and visitors between Newhalem to Rockport. Don’t forget to climb aboard the engines, ring its brass bell and take few snaps.From the foot of Main Street in Newhalem The Trail of the Cedars begin, winding up in a half-mile long through pleasant old forest grove ass passes the Creek Power plant – the source of electricity generation for the town.


ladder creek Falls

Behind George Powerhouse are located Ladder Creek Falls and Rock Gardens. The places is very refreshing with benches to sit enjoy the exotic plantings and stunning view of Ladder Creek Falls. There is an exotic suspension bridge over Skagit river which leads to the trail. There is a historical light show to witness in the place.


The Ross Crypt at the foot of Ross mountain in Newhalem is another good place to see. J.D. Ross was one of the earliest superintendents of the company that established township. Incidentally he was the first person to lead the acclaimed Skagit tour in 1928, which still operates. Goodell Creek Campground, Raft Launch and Picnic Shelter, situated to west of Newhalem, is a starting point for great rafting and wildlife observation.

The North Cascades Visitor Centre is of the two visitor centers around Newhalem. The center is operated by the National Park Service. It offers interactive wilderness exhibitions and theater programs in a lodge setting.


The gorgeous Gorge Overlook Trail

There is another trail known as The Gorge Overlook Trail, which is 3.5 miles east of Newhalem. The area overlooks Gorge Creek Falls. It has an accessible interpretive loop trail with views of Gorge Dam and Lake. Not too far from the place is the scenic Diablo Lake. It has bese accessibility to the three reservoirs: Gorge, Diablo and Ross. The file glacial sediment gives a brilliant turquoise color to the lake water. There is also a seasonal boat launch at Creek Campground with facility to experience the very special wilderness.

Newhalem is a special kind of town which every camping and nature lovers should visit at least once in life time. The place of late is bursting with Kayakers, adventurers, cyclists and rafters. Away from hustle and bustle of urban life, Newhalem is a place to experience something different.