Planning Your Trip

Planning your trip is very important because Newhalem is an isolated place. Temperature remains excessive cold in most parts of the year. The best time to visit is summer. The area surrounding Newhalem is very rugged and barely developed. Accommodation facilities  are limited. If you want to experience the breathtaking scenery of the place and the surrounding you will want to plan in advance.

Newhalem Campground speciality lodging in North Cascades National Park is the most preferred place of tourists for staying purpose. This is the closest lodging facility near Newhalem. There are quite few others but they are far off from the town. Ross Lake Resort and Stehkin Valley Ranch are some other places to choose in North Cascades National Park.

Guided tours are provided by the host hotels/lodges and also some other agencies at an affordable fees. It is advised to take a guide while going for camping or hiking because wild animals especially black bears are found aplenty in the jungle. If you are a daring type and want to go camping on your own, you should bring enough food and water as the same are not available on demand.

Reaching Newhalem needs not be difficult. It is situated near the dead end of Cascades Highway (Highway 20). Though the terrain is somewhat steep I assure you would love the jagged peaks and steep mountains while riding.

Skagit Tour provided by Seattle City Light is popular among tourists. The guided tour is provided in collaboration with North Cascade Institute. The 45 minutes tour is provided twice daily from Monday to Friday. Tourists are accompanied by National Park Service Rangers and the tour traverses through spots like Newhalem main street, Ladder Creek Gardens, Trail of the Cedars and Gorge Powerhouse Visitor Gallery.  A self pay lunch also available at the Gorge Inn. No reservation is required. You can book it from Skagit Information Centre, Main Street, Newhalem.