Skagit Eagle Festival 2017


The Skagit Eagle Festival 2017 is currently going on. It is a month-long much celebrated affair in the region. January is the eagle-watching season in eastern Skagit County. Mind-blowing activities take place in Rockport, Concrete (Near to Newhalem)  and Marblemount every full weekend in January.

Some activities of the Skagit Eagle Festival are repeated each weekend, while others are one-time event.

Click here to see the list of repeated activities that take place more than once.

Click here to see the list of one time or one-weekend only activities.

The main objective of Skagit Eagle Festival to give visitors experience of viewing eagles that are aplenty during January. If you are going to the festival following tips might help you.

Most of the frontage of Skagit river is privately owned. So don’t walk across on these properties. To walk along the river use public area. Keep distance from gravel bars and edge of river as on these places eagles feed. To capture well images of eagles use your vehicle as blind. Though there is observatory, you should carry your own telescope, binocular or any telephoto lens.

The festival attracts many arts and crafts vendors and raffles. Festival souvenirs  are also released by the organisers during the season.

The Skagit Eagle Festival is well attended. So, reserve your lodging beforehand. Follow the links given in the post to find out scheduled activities and plan your visit accordingly. There are lot of pedestrians. So drive carefully. Carry winter clothes and emergency equipments like jumper cables, flashlight, snow shovels etc.

Keep a look for festival single at activity area. The Concrete Centre at Concrete town houses Skagit Eagle Festival Information Station at 45821 Railroad Avenue. The centre is open on every Saturday and Sunday from  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you need information or assistance head to this place.

Information also available at the office of Concrete Chamber of Commerce that opens through weekdays and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday.

Contact info: (360) 853-8784


The Skagit Eagle Festival 2017 is a result of  collaboration between dozens of agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations  headed by by the Concrete Chamber of Commerce.

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