Skagit Valley Tulip and La Conner Daffodil Festivals Are Here!


It is season time in North Cascades. After Eagle Festival, soon you will witness Skagit Valley Tulip festival and La Conner Daffodil festival in upcoming months, i.e., March and April. These festivals have been voted  as top spring trips in 2016 by none other than National Geographic. 

18 fields and 2 fields come to life during this season in one of the most colourful displays you have ever seen. These festivals are world famous and trains from Seattle and Vancouver are scheduled specifically for this purpose. 

The two extrtanvaganzas including local activities in Mount Vernon and La Conner while the colourful tulips and daffodils are blooming all around. May be you don’t know. There are some six hundred fields within a I5 mi radius covered with beautiful flowers. You will experience sea of tulips and daffodils all around. 

During the Tulip and Daffodils tours, you’ll be taken to exquisitely arranged tulip gardens at RoozenGaarde and Tulip town. Both of these places have extensive tulip fields of varying colours. A great opportunity for photography aficionados to capture some dream snaps. Delicious  foods can be purchased at these venues and restaurants and delis all around. Don’t forget to enjoy the locally famous salmon barbecue. 

The back farm roads drive is favourite for many. If you are going to the festivals don’t miss this. Nothing matches the  experience of driving with sea of colourful tulips all arounds, swans and geese flying overhead and Mt. Bakers playing hide and seek game with you as you drive along. 

The tours also comprise of audio video presentation of tulip and daffodil sector in Skagit valley and other parts of the world as well. You will get a good lesson on origin, history, horticulture, varieties, characteristics,  human cultures and meaning f the tulip. Tulip is incidentally called ‘peace’ flower. 

The 2 hours tour also offers a visit to the historical waterside towns of La Conner or Anacortes, or a visit to Deception Pass bridge, which is North West Washington’s most visited attraction.  If kids are with you, a special stop can also  be scheduled just for them from Wednesday to Sunday. 

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It should be an easy and exciting tour. Since it is a month long festival accommodation should not be problem. Nevertheless book your accommodation sufficiently in advance. If you are going from Seattle or Vancouver from Canada there are special train called Amtrak Cascades train. You can stay at Annacortes, La Conner, Bellingham or Mount Vermon because the tours pick-up location are in these places. 

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Hannegan Peak


There are many great peaks in the North Cascades to be hiked. Hannegan Peak is absolutely one of the bests. The peak is 6, 187 foot high and hikers have to hike around 10.4 mile to reach the summit. It is one of those few summits that can be claimed on a day-hike. The place offers a 360 degree sweeping view of the panoramic Picket Range and northern peaks of the park. [Read more…]

7 One of Its Kind Towns Near Newhalem

The North Cascade Region is full of small yet very beautiful towns. Most of the towns are located by the sides of Cascades Highway (Highway 20). These towns are well known for small-scale historic architecture, inspiring sceneries and colorful festivals. During the winter the North Cascades Highway remains closed due to heavy snow and thus tourists come to the places in Summer.

If you plan a road trip it is worthwhile to be informed about places/towns in Cascades region. Let me inform you about some great towns worth visiting if you are in Cascades region.

(1) La Conner


La Conner is just an hour and half drive from Newhalem. The small town is a historic place and well knows for arts and crafts. The center of the town is listed in National Registrar of Historic Places. The town annually hosts majority of Skagit Valley Tulip Festival events. There are also plenty of wildlife including otters, wintering trumpeter swans and seals around.

(2) Lynden


Lynden is a second largest town in the state of Washington. It’s around 2 hours drive from Newhalem towards Canada border. The town is heavily influenced by Dutch and is well known for old churches, colourful festivals and windmills. The town hosts annual Northwest Washington Fair. There are also many other events/rallies being held annually

(3) Burlington


Burlington is a big town in the state of Washington. It was established as logging camp in 1882 but soon flourished with population. The town is famous for varied shopping malls, youth sports, and Berry Dairy days – an agriculture related annual event.



Concrete is just 32 miles away from Newhalem. Concrete is small like Newhalem but packed will surreal wonders. There is an haunting monument which has an industrial past. There are plenty of cement silos and thus the peculiar name Concrete. The concrete Ghost Walk, which a history-creepiest guided tour, is popular among tourists.

(5) Marblemount


Just a 20 minutes drive from Newhalem. The rugged beauty of terrains, beautiful lakes, serene streams and crashing waterfalls that exist around the town will smite you. Tourists flock into the town for boating, rafting and kayaking related activities.



Rockport is one of its kind towns in North Cascade region. The place offers spectacular view of snow-capped mountain peaks and river valleys. There is a bird watching center. The town is also famous for artifacts made up of using locally available resources. Newhalem is just 23 miles away from the place.



Bellingham is both a historical place and a shopping destination in Washington state. The town has a slew of historical monuments cobblestone streets. The Fairhaven district in the town houses must of the attractions in the town. The Chuckmut Drive nearby the famous Village Books (a three storey wonder) is pleasant drive to take.