Have Dam Good Chicken Dinner and Visits Ladder Creek Falls By Night


The small town of Newhalem stands with a lively past.  Once this quiet town hosted hundreds of tourists who dined joyfully and danced under the stars. Visitors had dinner at Gorge Inn and then had a stroll through Ladder Creek Gardens.  They marveled at the “wonders of electricity” , which illuminated the falls and provided an electrifying ambience.  [Read more…]

5 Amazing Photos of Newhalem


Photo credit: chelsea_alexandra (Instagram)

Cascades Highway or Highway 20 during winter. Get ready for a chilling experience amidst snow-flake rains and milk white and brownish surrounding. Blue and white clouds above match majestically with the heavenly roads under.


This is Diablo Dam, few miles away from Newhalem. The big majestic dam with its almost full water level gives you an adrenaline rush as drive along on the bridge over it. This is a place must tourists don’t want to miss.

old-number-6 -newhalem

This legendary locomotive called Old Number 6 used to ferry workers from Newhalem to nearby towns as there was no roads then. The locomotive has been preserved well and a favourite place for kids to enjoy.


This is not a computer generated image. This is real image of crystal Ladder Creek Falls, a place that take you from the real world into a fantasy land – a kinda Alice in wonderland. An amazing place to heal mind.


As you drive along the majestic Cascades Highway, breathtaking sceneries greet you in the wait. Changing landscapes, surprising but mild rains, fogs, deer and multiple waterfalls décor the entire highway.

Hidden places in and around Newhalem!

The Cascade Highways cuts its way on the north side of the Newhalem. Many visitors just cross the town thinking it is just a small town. They don’t know that there are lot of good stuff to see if they spare just an hour or so. Just two block off the highway is Newhalem visitor center, which helps visitors in exploring North Cascades National Park and the Skagit River project. Skagit Reserve project is conglomeration of beautiful dams and powerhouses on the bank of river Skagit.


newhalem visitor centre

The Newhalem Visitor Center houses some top notch exhibits and is equipped with all the necessary facilities for visitors. There is a short trail attached to visitor center to take a view of majestic Pickett Mountain range.

Just a block away from the Visitor centre toward south is the famous suspension bridge built over Skagit river for entering the exotic Trail of Cedars. The beautiful trail is hidden by lush and green foliage around. There are plenty of plant species in the trail. For the visitors’ benefits there are signboards introducing various forest species. The trail leads lead to Gorge powerhouse.


There is another suspension bridge and the famous Ladder Creek Falls near the Gorge Powerhouse. The area also covers remnants of once famous Newhalem Gardens. The garden was once full of the tropical plants that were wintered in a greenhouse. The garden still has beautiful northwestern flowers that survived the assail of time with minimal care. There are also other species of  beautiful blooming flowers  of different colours.

The Ladder Creek Falls is very beautiful and the scenery around it is panoramic. The Ladder Creek Falls comprises of a series of small pools and drops across a narrow ravine. Water flow through it all around the year. There are artificial lights to color the water with varying colors in night. The falls is somewhat big and serene sound of stream is a pleasant music to ears.


The Ross Mountain just besides the highway is an eye candy. The mountain hides its treasured possession; the Ross Lake. Visitors cannot see the lake from the highway. They have to cross the mountain to have a view. If you decide to stop for few hours and explore Newhalem, be sure to take a peek of Old Number 6 locomotive, which is carefully preserved.

The houses at Newhalem are another pleasant sites. The houses look alike in construction style and appears to be well furnished when sighted from outside. Every person visitor who visited Newhalem with attest to the fact that the small town feels like something out of Twilight Zone movie!