5 Places to Visit in Concrete, WA

Concrete is a neighbouring town of Newhalem. The beautiful small town is just 20 minutes drive from Newhalem. Like Newhalem, Concrete has  many tourist attractions. In this post we are going to explore 5 awesome places to visit i Concrete, Washington.

Ready? Come, explore with me!

Sauk Mountain Trail


 Going on hiking across the trail is pretty strenuous, but worth doing. The slope of the trail is steep, rocky, narrow and slippery. The trail is 7 miles long and takes around 3-4 hours to climb. Many tourist climb this trail as warm-up before heading to North Cascades. The scenery around is stunning. Your soul will be pleased when confronted with divine beauty of Mt. Baker, Sauk River and Skagit river as you climb. There are also many varieties of wildflowers and wildlife. At the summit you will have a 360 degree view.

Lake Tyee


Lake Tyee is a 55 acre private Lake located in foothill of North Cascade Range, four miles north to Concrete town. The astounding lake has been converted to a resort. There is artificial sandy beach at the shores of the lake. The well maintained place is serene and peaceful. There are lot of activities go all the time in the resort. The proper also houses a basketball court, a put put golf, baseball and tennis field. The place is a great weekend escape.

Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest


The place needs no introduction. This forest is one of the most visited forests in the country. The region is a great place with many camping and hiking facilities available for the visitors. You will find a plenty of glacial covered peaks, old forests, and stunning mountain meadows. The place is around 25 miles away from Concrete – the nearest town.

Howard Miller Steelhead Park


The beautiful park is located between The Skagit River and North Cascades. This place is an ideal place if you are looking a peaceful escape and away from hustle bustle of city life. There are some easy and beautiful trails along the river for visitors to explore. There are lot of fishing activities. The place is very clean and well-maintained and has ample space for parking.

Concrete Heritage Museum

The historic Concrete Heritage Museum entertains visitors with stories of the rich history of the town, artefacts and items of yesteryear.  The museum is previously called Camp Seven Museums. The place is a must visit if you wanna learn histories and geography of the region.


Finally, don’t forget to visit the historic Concrete High School, where a young Leonardo Di Caprio shoot “The Boy’s Life”. The main building of the  high school was built as an overpass to provide a rain-protected bus loading zone. Drive down under and enjoy the thrill.