5 Amazing Photos of Newhalem


Photo credit: chelsea_alexandra (Instagram)

Cascades Highway or Highway 20 during winter. Get ready for a chilling experience amidst snow-flake rains and milk white and brownish surrounding. Blue and white clouds above match majestically with the heavenly roads under.


This is Diablo Dam, few miles away from Newhalem. The big majestic dam with its almost full water level gives you an adrenaline rush as drive along on the bridge over it. This is a place must tourists don’t want to miss.

old-number-6 -newhalem

This legendary locomotive called Old Number 6 used to ferry workers from Newhalem to nearby towns as there was no roads then. The locomotive has been preserved well and a favourite place for kids to enjoy.


This is not a computer generated image. This is real image of crystal Ladder Creek Falls, a place that take you from the real world into a fantasy land – a kinda Alice in wonderland. An amazing place to heal mind.


As you drive along the majestic Cascades Highway, breathtaking sceneries greet you in the wait. Changing landscapes, surprising but mild rains, fogs, deer and multiple waterfalls d├ęcor the entire highway.