North Cascades Place Spotlight 4: Maple Pass Trail


Maple Pass Trail

Maple Pass Trail is a 10 Kilometre long moderately trafficked loop trail. It is located near a small town called Mazama, WA, which also features a lake. The trail is reputed for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding activities.  Maple Pass Trail is accessible from July until October every year. You can also take you pet dog but keep it on leash.

Maple Pass trail is a must-do hike in North Cascades. You have option of adding 2 miles to include 2 lakes on the way to trail. You can either start at Lake Ann Trailhead or Rainy Lake Trailhead. It is advisable you would better  going the counterclockwise, i.e. tarting Via Lake Ann Trailhead because the trail has steeper incline if you start from clockwise.

What on Offer?

You will feel delighted with the  stunning beauty all the way till highest point of hike at 6995 Ft “Maple Pass”. You have to then descend back to trailhead. The hike to trail takes 4 to 5 hours if you are newbie  but pro hikers can do the hiking in 3 hours. The views, especially up above Ann Lake is spectacular. The trail is well maintained. You would love the variations changing from forest to alpine terrain.

Awesomeness waits you on the hiking way.  Sight of towering mountains, luscious lake Anne, wonderful waterfall. Rainy pass lakes, gorgeous Heather Meadows colorful wild flowers, chip monks and Marmots will make you fall in love with the place.


The way near summit is slippery and thus you should be wearing proper shoes with traction. The hike is moderately difficult. There are also too much mosquito on the way. Apply anti-mosquito lotions on you skin before taking the hike. Use trekking poles to have a safe hike. The trail gets extremely busy with hikers often. Start hiking as early as possible. As the hiking is long take several breaks if you are not physical active person.


Maple Pass Trail has drawn effusive praises from seasoned hikers. The beauty all around the trail is such that it makes you forget the pain and inconveniences caused to you during hiking. Of late the trail has become one of the most hiked trails in North Cascades region. Here is what hiker Ginger Lange says:

Have hiked this beautiful loop several times and it never gets old. Fabulous views of mountains and lakes, incredible wildflowers, and the cutest chipmunks ever… One section is so spectacular it moved my typically very composed British friend to run down the trail, arms spread wide, singing “The Hills Are Alive…..” Yup, that good! 🙂