Skagit Valley Snow Geese and Swan Eco Tour


The Skagit Valley Snow Geese and Swan Eco Tour is now going one. The festive-cum tour held from October to March every year. It is during this time NW Washington thousands of geese and swans are found in plenty in NW Washington, especially in Skagit Valley. 

The Skagit Valley Geese & Swans Eco Tour is one of its kind tours. It takes you around  farm fields of Skagit Valley  in search of the snow geese &  flocks of tundra and trumpeter swans that stay ever beyond winter there.  They go from field to field throughout the day.  You’ll also  be taken to  the Fir Island Farm Snow Goose Reserve.

During this educative cum eco tour you ll learn many things. You will be happy to learn to identify geese and swans, and also distinguish between the tundra and trumpeter swans. You ll learn whey they migrate to the region during the winter and why they overwinter. You will acquire knowledge about their reproductive systems, diet habit, the environmental threat they face and the conservation efforts being taken to preserve them. 

You will love the cackling cacophony of the highly gregarious geese. The unmistakable honking of the swans against the stunning backdrops of farm fields and historical barns will delight your auditory and visual organs. The place with its afar snow capped mountains are great for photo ops. Not only that you will also go on tour looking for the famed bald eagles, raptors and other species in ope fields. 

The Skagit Valley Geese & Swans Eco Tour is a not only and eco tour but also an adventure for a sole traveler, a small group of friends or family.  The organizers can customise your need. Just inform them your interest  and level of birdwatching, they will help you. Binocular facilities are also available. 

So you are interested in  more birdwatching?  Go for the Skagit Birdwatching Eco Tour. It includes the time looking at geese and swans plus a few more hours looking at the great  variety of sea-birds, sea-ducks, shore-birds, waterfowl that overwinter in the Skagit Bay, the Salish sea and  Fidalgo Island.