A Novice Traveller’s Guide to Ross Lake


Ross Lake is one of the best lakes and places to visit North Cascades Region. Its crystal pink water is a legendary of sort. Every tourist, who visited the lake liked it and carried an unforgettable memory. Unfortunately the beautiful lake cannot be accessed on road.

The lake is accessible through road from Canadian side only. If you are approaching through North Cascades Highway you have two options to reach the place: stop at Ross Dam Trail, take a hike and reach the place from where truck leaves to Ross dam or stop at Diablo dam, paddle to other site and then take truck to Ross lake. The second option is the best and most popular as tourist get a view of the breathtaking Diablo dam.

There are plenty of campgrounds nearby Ross Lake and also the popular floating Ross Lake resort. To stay in Campground you got to obtain Backcountry permit at Wilderness Information Center or National Park Service, both at Marblemount.

Ross Lake is a large lake with 37 kms of length and 2.5 km of width. It is situation at the elevation of 489 meter from sea level and its reach spread both into American and Canadian side. There are lots of high peaks all around the Ross Lake and most notables are Hozomeen Mountain, Desolation Peak and Jack mountain. Many rivers and creeks find their ways into the lake. Fish species like Salmon and Steelhead trout found aplenty int the lake.

Ross lake was originally named as Ruby Dam because it formed due to impoundment of Skagit River by Ross Dam.

Ross Lake is an important destination in the North Cascades region. Visitors who visit the lake are usually the ones having fetish for fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking or hiking.